Everything You Need To Know About Paintball Markers

Paintball is not played by real-life guns. Instead, we use the so-called paintball markers, which look perfectly like real guns, however, they are relatively safe to use. Here, we collected everything you need to know about these paintball markers.

First, we have to take into account, which type of markers we have to shoot with. There are three main types: the pump paintball guns, the mechanical paintball guns and the electronic paintball guns, and all of them have its fits and benefits.

The pump paintball guns are the oldest of all three and the usage of this is the most difficult, especially for newbies. They were once celebrated amongst the paintball players, however, after the widespread of the newer guns, they've become less and less frequent on the paintball venues. The pump gun is making a comeback in recent years, though, because using them to play is really a form of art.

The second and most famous gun is the mechanical one. It got its fame because of the easy usage. Most venues mostly offer mechanical paintball markers, which are semi-automats and easy for firing even for amateurs. They usually operate on CO2 or Compressed Air. Using them feels like cheating compared to the pump ones - however, in our opinion, this is the best choice for az enjoyable game.

The last gun is the once-very-expensive electronic paintball marker. Using the electronic gun is as easy as clicking a button - even little kids can use it without much of an effort. They are fast, fun and they give you more firing options than the first two mentioned up above. Another great advantage of the electronic paintball gun is that they are usually very quiet, compared to the other ones.

While all of them has great potential in them, at the end of the day, it's your decision, which one to use. And after all, it's all about the fun and the game, so changing up the game sometimes can be interesting too!

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